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Caryaati offers the broadest range of luxury cars for rent in Dubai. Rent luxury cars in Dubai from our wide-ranging brands at competitive rates.

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We offer a variety of exotic and luxury 7-seater car hire services for rent in Dubai, including Ferraris, Range Rovers, and Rolls Royce. Rent Lamborghini Urus at the best price with us!

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You can choose from our professional chauffeur services and get a luxury car hire with a driver to deliver your car to you or your desired location. Not only that, we offer premium cars on rent

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We offer you the best luxury car booking for hotels on rent - like Mercedes, Nissan Patrol LE Platinum, Lexus, BMW, Chevrolet Trailblazer Bentley, and Lamborghini. So, book by us directly from the supplier and enjoy the lowest rates offered by established companies in UAE.

Fully-Serviced Luxury Car Rental Dubai with Driver 

Choose from a wide range of models - whether you want to hire a Ferrari or a Range Rover, we have it all! Moreover, our booking process for luxury car rental Dubai is streamlined to make it easier for you.

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At Caryaati, we offer professional chauffeur service and luxury car airport transfer to ensure that your experience is not only comfortable, but also safe. Be it Dubai Marina, Dubai Sports City, or Dubai Airport, we have luxury cars on rent in various locations!

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Wide range of luxury cars to choose from in Caryaati. If you are looking to rent a car near me, we offer you a wide range of luxury cars. So, choose from our exclusive and affordable luxury cars to rent in Jumeirah Dubai.

Cheaper Luxury Cars on Rent in Dubai

We offer you the luxury car hire Dubai so that you enjoy your holidays without spending too much money..                                                           

Frequently Asked Questions.                                                                                         

What is the Minimum and Maximum Price For a Day Rental?

The cost of renting a luxury car in Dubai is around AED 570 to AED 6,500 daily, and an additional 5% VAT will be included. However, car rental rates vary depending on the type of car you rent -The length of time you need the vehicle -Where and when you pick up the car (do they have a location near your home?) -What kind of service do you want? Do they offer to pick up and drop off your vehicle? Some companies offer cheaper rates as low as AED 350 per day for long-term rentals or leases.

What is the Delivery and Pickup Time For Luxury Rental Cars?

The delivery and pickup time varies depending on your location. The delivery time is usually 2-3 hours, while pickup time is usually one hour.

Delivery and pickup times are different for each customer. Unfortunately, few suppliers charge delivery and pickup service charges, and few offer Free delivery and pickup service.

What Kind of Luxury Cars Do You Offer For Rent?

We offer various luxury vehicles for rent. We have Mercedes, Nissan Patrol LE Platinum, Lexus, BMW, Bentley, Lamborghini, Ferraris, Range Rovers, Rolls Royce, and many more for rent.

The prices start from $155 per day for the cheapest car to $1,700 per day for the most expensive car.

You can even choose your preferred make and model of the car you want to rent from our fleet.

 What is the Difference Between Short-Term and Long-Term Car Rentals? 

The difference between short-term and long-term car rentals is that the former is usually for a week or less while the latter is typically for a month or longer.

Short-term rentals are often used by people who need a car for business trips, vacations, personal car maintenance, and other short-term needs. Teachers use long-term rentals or any professional use to reach out at their offices on time and for recreational purposes after their office or on weekends.

Do Rental Car Companies Charge Extra For Additional Drivers?

Many people don't know that you will be charged extra if you are an additional driver on a rental car. This is because the company has to cover all drivers' insurance, which can get expensive.

Knowing how to work around this problem is essential to avoid paying more than necessary. One way is to ask the rental car company if they offer any discounts for additional drivers. For example, some companies will charge an extra person $10 or $20 less per day than what they would charge a single person for the same vehicle type.

Why is There a Minimum Rental Period For Luxury Cars?

The minimum rental period for luxury cars is often set at one day. This allows the customer to experience and test the vehicle before a long-term car rental contract.

 Why is a Credit Card Essential For Car Rental Companies?

A credit card is a form of payment that most companies accept. It also protects the customer if the company does not provide what they paid for.

Credit cards are mainly required for security by the car rental service provider. Therefore, based on your chosen car, the security deposit sum is held as a preauth block on your credit card, around AED 2000 to AED 10,000.

What is the Deposit Amount For Different Car Categories?

Car rental prices vary depending on the type of car and the deposit amount. For example, the deposit can range from AED 1,000 to AED 10,000. The deposit amount you need to pay is determined by the category of car you want to hire. 

Are Most Luxury Cars Cheaper in Dubai?

Yes, Dubai - the land of magnificence - is known for its glamorous cars worldwide. However Dubai Police drive some of the most exotic cars, like Bugatti, Bentley, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, and the similar. That's cause most high-end brands of vehicles, including everything else, are cheaper in the tax-free haven of Dubai. That's also why renting exotic, premium cars is much more affordable in Dubai than anywhere else. For example, a Lamborghini Huracan can be hired in Dubai for as low as USD 800, whereas it would be as much as USD 2000 in London.

Can I Hire a Luxury Car if My Age is Over 18?

You will need a minimum of six months old driving license and must be over 23 to hire a luxury car in Dubai. At the same time, Some companies may offer rental cars for 18 years and more. A copy of the Emirates ID and UAE Driving Licence is needed for UAE residents to hire a luxury car. However, most companies require a credit card pre-auth for the security deposit, and many car rental companies accept cash and debit cards. For tourists traveling the UAE, a copy of your Passport, Visit Visa, Driving License of the home country, and an International Driving license are needed to rent a luxury car. Citizens of GCC, UK, Canada, US, and a few other countries can rent a luxury or exotic car with their Home Country Driving License.

Payment before booking toward the car rental is recommended to secure your booking.

Dubai car parking charges are based on the city parking zones. You will be comforted by paying the parking charges through SMS and deducting the amount from your local cell phone balance. Private and Valet car parking is also available at various locations. The parking charges can set you back around AED 10 to 200 per hour. Most 5-star hotels and restaurants even offer complimentary valet parking service for those driving in with a high-end luxury or sports car. Given the status symbol, they might even showcase your supercar right outside the lobby area.

Is Insurance Included in the Rent?

Yes, according to RTA (Road & Transport Authority), all car rental companies must provide basic insurance while renting out the car. All the car rental prices and inclusive insurance are listed on At the same time, additional insurance like CDW (collision damage waiver) is chargeable.

How Much is the Mileage Limit?

250 km/day, 1750km/week, and 3750km/month are included according to the rental period in the luxury car rental. Additional kilometers will be applicable over and above.

Can I Drive a Rented Car in All Emirates While Renting it From Dubai?

 Yes, you can! Most Dubai-based car rentals allowed a visit to Abu Dhabi. It is undoubtedly a great way to explore exciting spots en route to other emirates. Car rental companies have no objection to driving their vehicles anywhere in the UAE, except for Jebel Hafeet, Jebel Jais, and desert regions. Use of Google Maps is essential! While you're planning to visit the Yas Marina, Louvre, or Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, consider renting for two or more days to offset the additional mileage charge you will incur. Most rental companies, including luxury, exotic, and sports cars, have a standard mileage limit of 250 km per day. Dubai to Abu Dhabi is 150 km ahead, so you'll probably use over 350 km to return to Dubai. Don't forget to consult the car rental agency for your travel plan. There might be a bonus for mileages available.

What Includes and Excludes in the Rental Charges?

What's included: The rental amount covers the standard mileage limit. All policies are often as per the RTA rules and regulations. For a luxury or sports car, the rental price includes the charges for delivery and pickup within Dubai. The baby seat may provide upon request and subject to availability. 

What's excluded: Fuel, Salik (toll charges), parking/valet fees, additional mileage charges, and VAT as per usage shall be paid by the customer. You shall return the car with the same amount of fuel you've supplied. Salik AED 5 will charge at the time of vehicle return per crossing. Furthermore, the client is responsible for the traffic fines during the leasing period. 5% VAT (value-added tax) refers to the rental amount according to UAE rules and regulations. Extra features you can add to the rental package include full coverage insurance, second driver coverage, and additional mileage packages.

What are the Essential Points Shall I Check in the Car Rental Agreement?

Looking at the lease agreement to avoid unexpected terms and conditions is essential. If you cannot find any of the items listed below, consult your car rental company. The mileage limit is included in the cost and additional mileage. However, some cars come with unlimited mileage options. Ensure that the measured mileage is correctly stated in the rental agreement by the company driver. Type of insurance included in the rental price: Generally, comprehensive insurance is included. Comprehensive insurance covers you in case of accidental damage to the vehicle, provided it's not your fault. A police report must be submitted with a green or white sheet. The excess claim amount is the maximum you have to pay if you receive a red card due to accidental vehicle damage. While the insurance company covers the balance amount, it covers all the repair costs on your part. Extra charge for time if you can't deliver the vehicle on time. Some car rental companies will pay you an extra hour even if you are a few minutes late. Be sure to set the rules for the best experience. If you have requested the car rental company to pick up the vehicle from your location, it is helpful to remind them of the rental site at least 3 hours in advance via WhatsApp.